Zambian woman ‘steals’ son from US; faces several charges

John Cotton proudly shows off the tie his son made for him back in 2007. It is a gift he wore the next day to work. Now the Cypress resident says four-year-old John Junior is gone, taken illegally to Zambia by his ex-wife.

“For my son to be gone and taken away from me is just devastating. I never ever in life even imagined anything like this,” Cotton said.

The two had joint custody.

John Cotton

John Cotton

John Sr. discovered his ex-wife Silvia Mulenga suddenly up and left her home in Placentia about a week and a half ago.

While these kinds of custody cases are common, Cypress Police say they have never dealt with the Zambian government. International law is making this case difficult.

“That really kicks it up to quite a high level, not only are we looking at state violations, but there are potential federal violations as well,” said Tom Bruce of the Cypress Police Department.

Mulenga faces several charges, including violating court order and right to visitation.

The case leaves John S

Syvia Mulenga

Syvia Mulenga

r. with a home full of toys for his only child and a desperate plea for his safe return.

“John, I love you. I miss you, I would hold him and grab him and squeeze him and if I was able to grab him I would bring him home,” Cotton said.

Courtesy of CBS Broadcasting corporation

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