Zambian women resort to gambling

Gambling has increased especially among womenfolk and the vice which has been attributed to unemployment and lack of recreation is a contributor to gender based violence in homes.

Kabwe Mayor Macdonald Mwamba disclosed that due to high levels of unemployment and lack of social and recreation facilities, most women had resorted to gambling mainly on Chinese installed machines called bonanza which have increased across the country.

Mwamba who is MMD councilor in Kabwe central constituency has since called on government to scrutinise some investors who come into the country. He said some women were losing huge sums of their savings in the hope of multiplying their little money.

Recently, some Lusaka women complained at the increase of sports betting machines, which they said had led most of their husbands and youths to losing a lot of money. The women also complained that the installation of such machines in residential area was disturbing their school going children.

Zambia has under the PF government seen an increase in gambling machines which have been installed in bus stations and some shops in residential areas like Kabwata and Chilenje in the capital city Lusaka. It is not clear exactly howmuch money the local authorities are making from these gambling spots.

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