Zambian workers mistreatment at Californian Beverages Limited

Californian Beverages Limited

Dear Editor,
Kindly allow me space on your good platform.
I refer to the above company which is located along Malambo Road, between Zambia Sugar and National Milling, plot #1644. This company mistreated employees for a long time now. This Indian company pays peanuts even if you are qualified and hard working. Usually, they do hide academic qualifications so that when gvt officials come they tell them that these are mere Grade 12, hence the salaries. Again when they give employees contracts, they don’t give a copy of the contract form to the employees for the to keep. Proudly they bring their unqualified relatives from India who Zambians are going to teach but will be their bosses. These Indians have salaries which range from K1.5m to K2.5m, but who are given monthly kick backs between K15m – K20m each on top of free housing, education of their  children and transport in form of car and fuel. The only Zambian who drives is a Mr. Mudenda, the Sales Manager. There are people who have worked for the company since its inception, about 10yrs ago but who get less and don’t drive. Above all, people who work in production don’t have protective gear and when they are injured aren’t compensated. The company is busy expanding rapidly but the employees aren’t benefiting from their input. People used to report to labour officials who were always bribed and reported employees back to the company owner and those employees would get fired. Everything seems to get more and more pathetic. The other stumbling block is the so called the Human Resources Manager who is toothless and calls himself Administration Manager for fear of being arrested because he isn’t registered with the IHRM. Above all, he’s  extremely old, about 80yrs old with his other friends who oppose any protests so they can remain there.
I’m not bitter but that’s the situation on the ground. Therefore as ZWD, kindly use your investigative journalists by obtaining pay slips and any other data that may be of great importance so you can bring these injustices to light.
Thanking you in advance


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