Zambians are dwanzy, says State House


State House says Zambians are dwanzy and that is why “foolish” politicians have continued to lie to them.

Speaking through his spokesperson Amos Chanda, Edgar Lungu says Zambians have allowed a few foolish politicians to lie to them.

Lungu says Zambia is an example of a poisoned society accustomed to lies.

He says corrupt cases being raised by citizens will go no where as they are total nonsense.

A dwanzy is an idiot, jerk or confused person


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    I was just surfing on the net and by chance,I saw where zambia is…I wondered,googled and saw that news…A governors’ spokesman naming his own people ‘fools’:))) wtf is that man:)) End this guy plz:)

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    the system is down.

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    hankombo2 5 months

    He must be the Dwanzy himself not me and others

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    Mumbi Phiri 5 months

    This what this Bastard of a president thinks of you all Zambians, Zambians wake up!! This Bastard controls the ACC, MILITARY, COURTS ETC he has killed the little democracy that we ever had.