Zambians are not primitive as Sata is telling the world

Zambia or we Zambians are not primitive as president Michael Sata is telling the world.

It is a pity that in order to get money from Koreans, Zambia’s number one representative can go and insult us in that manner.

On Tuesday, Sata told delegates of the Zambia-Korea Business Forum in Seoul that:

“We are still so primitive because we are still selling our copper and other minerals as raw materials,” he said, adding “but if you (Korean investors) came, you can make Zambia a springboard for Africa’s economic growth.”

But it is Sata and his friends who are primitive.

It is not the ordinary Zambians who sell copper in raw form. It is politicians –Sata and his minions.

The ordinary Zambian is not not primitive. We are intelligent and have actually shown that we are resilient. We have survived economic and political disasters under dictators, thieves, tribalists and plain morons.

And what makes Sata think that those Koreans will develop Zambia? Is it their responsibility? They may come to our beloved and beautify Zambia to construct plants for Samsung and other products, but so what?

That could give jobs to a hundred Zambians and a few bucks in terms of tax but the real profit will go to Korea to build more industries and retain the profit inside Seoul.

Is this not Zambia where we are proud of having the deepest mining pit –a hole, which is nothing but a physical reminder of how foreigners have taken away our copper in raw form? And then we go and teach our children that Zambia has the deepest mining pit?

Inviting Hyundai, Daewoo and Samsung to Zambia really shows how primitive our leaders are. Why not revive Livingstone Motor assembly using the money which Sata, his ministers and cooks are using for those airtickects and expensive hotels in Asia.

And by the Way South Korea is not as developed as the PF newspapers want us to believe. It is not even the 7th largest economy in the world. That is a blue lie. It is 13th.

Sata, after calling us primitive, claimed that Zambia and Korea have so much in common. We wonder what those commonalities are.

Korea did not reach its level of considerable development by going to invite foreigners to set up industries in their country. Those people are nationalistic.

Instead, it was Government-sponsored schemes that encouraged the growth of family-owned industrial conglomerates, known as “chaebol”.

Of course the most important of these   were the Hyundai and Samsung groups.

Sata should show us one country in the world which was developed by foreigners.  There is a lot of money in Zambia which we can use to set up industries and be proud. We already have Samsun products in Zambia so we don’t need their industries here.

We need Zambian owned companies to set be set up. But then that is a lot of work for our politicians, right? There will be no bribes coming their way to allocate land and issue licences.

To the PF, It is more profitable to invite Koreans and tell them that we shall waive visa requirements. Now, who is primitive, Zambians or their leaders?

But at least we are happy that this time around, Sata behaved almost properly both in Japan and South Korea.

At least he was not hugging waiters or standing on the street to greet shoppers and he did not stray from his speech to issue bizarre jokes.

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