‘Zambians believe in fake prophets due to hunger & corruption’

‘Zambians believe in fake prophets due to hunger & corruption’

By Maiko Zulu

Like many people, I have never taken people like Andrew (Seer 1) and Bushiri seriously because they tend to play on people’s spiritual weaknesses and religious stupidity to a point where someone would believe that these guys are a gateway to heaven. My foot! These guys have become filthy rich at the expense of their blind and unsuspecting followers. Religion is the easiest way to rob the people especially here in Africa. Instead of the fear of God being the beginning of wisdom, the same fear of God is now the beginning of perpetual abject poverty for many.

Today, people believe Seer 1 more than anyone because the Church has sold out. The once respected ‘body of Christ’ in Zambia is now a conduit of ‘get-rich-quick’ schemers who have gone to bed with thieving politicians in government to blind the masses, exploit the poor and steal from the government treasury. The Church has made a covenant with the devil and now offers official spiritual guidance to people who have plunged the country into poverty, hunger, disease and unemployment. They even have their carefully selected special praise singers and social media PR agents.

It is therefore surprising that the Minister of Religious Affairs is saying Seer 1 is using witchcraft when the greatest witchcraft is being performed by the very leaders who today have become so rich in a country where the majority of the people cannot make ends meet due to lack of opportunities to make a decent living. The greatest witches are the people who lied to the citizens that they would reduce taxes, create jobs and put more money in people’s pockets. Witchcraft is abusing and humiliating those old retirees who worked diligently for government and dumping them on the street. Witchcraft is having some of the world’s biggest copper reserves and still having children going to sleep without food. Witchcraft is having a large pool of young graduates roaming the streets like headless chickens hoping to win a Bola bet bonanza. Witchcraft is robbing the Mukula, reserve forests and wildlife with impunity and expecting people to clap for you. Witchcraft is crushing the country’s economy while the few people in government together with their families and friends keep getting richer. Witchcraft is going on top of the hill saying ‘we won’t leave anyone behind’ and doing the exact opposite.

This country seriously needs leadership at this time, both in government and in the Church. In the absence of genuine and honest leadership, people will find refuge in businessmen like Seer 1 instead of their own Minister of Religion. Government leaders are too obsessed with personal appeasement such that they are out of tune with the needs of the people who elected them into office. Even the civil servants who are supposed to be the engine of government have now been left behind by the elitists who are behaving like the Pharisees.

The saying that ‘ba kolwe basekana ifipato’ makes so much sense when you hear some witches accusing other witches of using witchcraft. Yes, you can say ‘touch not the annointed’ but also remember this: Touch not the annoyed because soon you may not absorb the wrath of their anger.

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