Zambians ‘boycott’ sim card registration

Only a small fraction of Zambians, about 300,000, have so far submitted details for sim card with all the mobile service providers out of the total subscriber base of eight million in the country.

Sources have told the Watchdog that Zambians are sceptical to register because of the abuse for which their private numbers and personal details the PF government would want to use them.

Last week, the Watchdog revealed that the secret service also known as Office of the President (OP) collects data everyday from the mobile companies and compile it.

A small team of less than ten OP operatives has been assembled to create the database. They only work at night starting at 18 hours when their colleagues have knocked off.

Whatever details have been captured by the mobile service providers each day, it is passing on the OP team at 17 hours.

Last week, Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority director for technology and engineering Patrick Mutimushi also admitted that out of the total eight million subscribers in the country, only 323,002 have registered as of September 2012.

Mr. Mutimushi is also quoted by the PF compromised Post newspaper as saying that they still have a long way to go to capture all the mobile subscribers. He said ZICTA needed to do a lot of sensitisation because it could be that people don’t know about the exercise.

Mutimushi further said there were other factors that were slowing the sim card registration exercise such as some political statements made by politicians that the exercise was a gimmick by the government to get to its opponents.

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