Zambians call for a moment of silent in honour of the ‘late Kwacha’

A cross-section of callers on Radio Phoenix have called for a moment of silent in honour of the late Zambian Kwacha which has fallen to the worst levels in the history of the country against major currencies.

And students at Copperbelt University (CBU) have gone on class-boycott demanding for a 45 percent increase on their meal allowances as the cost of living has severely hit them.

A number of callers on Radio Phoenix’s morning programme said the cost of living is now way beyond manageable levels because of the ever depreciating Kwacha which has pushed the prices of most essential commodities skyrocketing.

Some of the callers have even called for a national day of prayers for the depreciating Kwacha as they cannot afford afford most of the goods

“If politics was a game of football, we would have called for an immediate substitution to a player called PF, but unfortunately we have to wait until 2016, before we can act,” one caller said.

Another one said, each time he goes into shop, he literally runs away quickly because of the price increase.

“My kids keep asking me why they can’t watch their favourite television cartoons in the house. But I can no longer afford to pay for my TV subscription with Multichoice,” said another caller.

But Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda recently told the BBC reporter that everything was well in Zambia and that the reporter should instead worry about the cost of living where he was (in Britain).

Meanwhile, as the cost of living keeps biting, students at CBU have gone on an indefinete class-boycott until government gives them over 45 percent increment on their meal, accommodation, book, and project allowances.

A check at the institution yesterday found students just loitering around campus while classrooms were empty.

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