Zambians declare ‘Black Friday attire’ over increased cost of living

Zambians declare ‘Black Friday attire’ over increased cost of living

BUFIZambians have declared a ‘black Friday’ as a sign of mourning mother Zambia against increased cost of living under the PF that has been wasting money on induced by-elections, large cabinet, and corruption.

A consortium of Non-Governmental organisations including FODEP, SACCORD, Church Mother bodies, and others have called on people regardless of their political affiliation to wear black attire as a show of mourning for deteriorating standards of life us majority of poor Zambians have been consigned to death at the expense of the few people in government.

People have further been urged never to vote for any selfish politician crossing from the ruling party to the opposition causing unnecessary but expensive by-elections that have drained the treasury forcing government to withdraw subsidies from key sectors of the economy like fuel, maize, and fertilizer in-put support programme for the farmers.

‘Black Friday attire’ will now be observed every Friday by all caring Zambians against wastage of resources that are meant for purchase of drugs such as ARVs, and others that have suddenly become scarce in the country.

“It is selfishness on the part of PF to remove subsidies on vital commodities. They say the benefits of this removal shall be felt in future. But how shall we see the benefits when hunger would have killed us in no time? Do you starve your family of eating Nshima so that they eat chicken and chips next months? What happens is others will die before the chicken and chips arrive if at all it arrives”, said one of the youth organization that has joined the ‘Black Friday’ campaign.

People have argued that while the removal of subsidies such as on petroleum products and mealie meal maybe an astute and viable economical decision, the PF government has shown very little political will in getting rid of the malignancy of corruption, nepotism and general incompetence in government.  What guarantee is there that the money generated from the removal of subsidies will be used for developmental projects?

“Already, there are land mark cases on the misapplication of funds meant for development such as the current corruption investigation into the $750 million euro bond loan. When the president goes on national television to castigate the anti corruption commission for investigating alleged corruption in government, you have to wonder whether the government’s economical policies are matched with its political will?”


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