Zambians dispute Mr. Sata’s bumper harvest, demand reduction in mealie meal prices

The other day, the Zambianwatchdog questioned the whereabouts of the Zambian CEO in the light of the continued depreciation of the Kwacha and harsh economic realities. The Watchdog also observed that even the facebook page posting his usual lies by George Chellar has of late been static and very irregular. Yesterday, someone woke-up from slumber and posted some lies about the expected bumper crop harvest. George Chellah and his PF ministers, who cannot probably even differentiate between a grain of beans and that of soya beans or even maize claimed this year’s bumper harvest is historically the first of its kind since independence. Ndipo these people can tell lies eishi! But going by the comments many of our people saw through the lies and are now questioning why mealie meal prices have continued going up. Zambians are now demanding for a huge reduction in mealie meal prices since there is this historical bumper harvest.

Below are the lies they are peddling on behalf of the bedridden dictator:


Today I wish to share with you our country’s estimated crop production for the 2013/2014 agricultural season as well as the country’s national food balance for the marketing season covering the period from 1st May 2014 to 30th April 2015.

I am happy to inform you Dear friends that our country is forecast to produce the highest quantity of maize ever recorded in the country’s history.

According to this year’s forecast, maize production is expected to exceed last year’s production by 32.29%, to reach a record high of 3,350,671 metric tonnes. In addition, the country has maize carry over stock amounting to 597, 192 metric tonnes bringing the estimate for total available maize for the 2014/2015 marketing season to 3,947,863 metric tonnes.

I am also happy to report that the production of rice, millet, groundnuts and tobacco has increased compared to last season. This year’s good maize harvest provides the country with a good opportunity to adequately feed the nation and the potential to export the surplus crop as well as promote value addition of maize and other crops. You will be happy to note that of the estimated maize 2013/2014 production, 93% is attributed to small and medium scale farmers whilst the rest is attributed to large scale farmers. I want to commend our farmers for this tremendous achievement.

Our Government, through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) will continue to play an important role in marketing of maize this season. I also want to encourage the private sector to continue to fully participate in crop marketing both locally and internationally.

Our Government’s focus for 2014 is to continue investing in the crop diversification programme so that we trigger the desired 6% annual growth in the sub-sector inline with the PF Manifesto. MCS – 07/05/2014

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