Zambians don’t need to be sponsored to protest – UPND

We have noted insinuations that the planned protests by Zambian youths have been funded by someone.

The Zambian youths are grown enough citizens who are suffering and know what they want hence able to make their own decisions.

These youths have eyes and ears to see and hear for themselves how the PF have messed up this country.

Which organization or politician can manage to bribe all of them to fight their battles such as need for jobs, freedom of expression and other civil liberties?

It is therefore mischievous, malicious and and an insult to the already depressed youths for the Inspector General of the Police Mr. Kakoma Kanganja to claim that he has received information of some civil society organizations and some opposition causes parties who he says have funded youths in the country to cause anarchy.

Honestly, if this man knew the people who have funded disgruntled youths, would he be there issuing empty threats that are only violating their rights to freedom of expression and speech and fueling the tension?

There’s unprecedented massive corruption, mismanagement of public funds and natural resources, the PF and foreigners are taking our gold away for their personal benefits and now we have the IG issuing threats against citizens.

The people who should have limits are those plundering public funds, mismanaging our minerals and promoting foreigners at the expense of Zambians.

This is the same PF regime that has to date failed to tell the nation who the gassers were and who was funding their operations.

This is the same man that has failed to tell the nation who the owners of 48 houses are.

They have failed to tell the nation who killed Mapenzi Chibulo, Lawrence Banda, Frank Mugala, Vespers Shimuzhila, and many other people.

They have failed to tell the citizens how the Mukulu trees were looted by foreigners without benefiting our citizens, particularly the youth.

*Stephen Katuka*
*UPND Secretary General*

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