Zambians fed-up with PF and its failed promises – Sunday Chanda


Zambians are so fed-up with failed promises and cooked up statistics about jobs which do not exist. Zambians deserve quality jobs and not the temporal ones being created through infrastructure projects.

It is not enough for government to release highly questionable figures of the jobs it claims to have created, Zambians must see and touch these jobs. Sadly, Zambians have continued to be lied to as evidenced by the 150 young people in Western Province who were recently duped by their own government.

PF in Government has failed to deliver a National Youth Jobs Plan over the last 3 years despite President Michael Sata’s clear directive of 12th March 2012. If PF in Government meant business on creating quality jobs for youths, they would have demonstrated a sense of urgency by now. If PF in Government meant business, they would have presented a Jobs Bill to Parliament and their focus would have been on the economy and not the auto-piloting they have subjected Zambians to.

We are demanding that PF stops playing with youth unemployment. The earlier they realize that youth unemployment is a time-bomb, the better. Zambian youths will not be lied to by cooked-up figures while graduates from Colleges and Universities cannot find jobs. Youths will not be lied to as long as PF in Government does not recognize the immorality of an injustice called wage and employment freeze they have notoriously imposed against a suffering population.

PF in Government has failed to advance an agenda for economic empowerment as they promised during campaigns under their “more jobs and more money in people’s pockets”.

OSF is consulting with stakeholders within and across the borders on an economic agenda that young people must push, firstly, to hold PF in Government accountable, secondly, as a Campaign buffer to ensure youths are never liee to again and thirdly, to ensure economic transformation to the effect that future Governments will respond to youth unemployment and lack of economic freedom with the deserved urgency.

Lastly, on 24th October 2014, an economic agenda shall be birthed where OSF and other players from the student and civil society ranks will flag off the Red Card Campaign under the slogan ” Its the Economy, Stupid!”. This campaign is expected to include youths from the wider community who believe their need for economic empowerment is not being attended to. We shall not apologize for the tone and stance we shall take on and beyond 24th October 2014.

By Sunday Chanda
Executive Director- OSF


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