Zambians forget easily


Right was Mwanawasa when he said Zambians forget easily.

They have already forgotten that Millie meal is unaffordable, have accepted to buy a 25 kg at K100

Have already forgotten that people were negligently killed during a stampede for food and no action has been taken

Have already forgotten that Kaizer Zulu caused national embarrassment and sexually harassed a female police officer during the under 20 soccer games

By the end of today, will forget that a ZAF soldier was killed by police officers over a minor traffic offence.

All the rulers do is promise to investigate then wait for 3 days for Zambias to forget then either realise a stupid report, free suspects as ok Ruth Mbandu case or simply say nothing like in the Kaizer Zulu criminal cases.

One thing we won’t forget though is that Edgar Lungu rigged elections and so far UPND MPs except Keith Mukata are doing a tremendous job.


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