Zambians have nothing more to lose, Ngo tells PF

Zambians have nothing more to lose, Ngo tells PF

PF Media Directorates Fearmongering is Foolhardy and Reckless

Pf’s diabolical scheme of turning Zambia into a de facto one party state is a failed project. PF is 27 years late. Here is a bit of civic education to the PF. Zambia reverted to multi-partydemocracy in 1991 and every successive constitutional reviewthat has followed, the people of Zambia have consistently affirmed that our country remains a multi-party democracy. The Mwanakakwe and Mung’omba Commissions, the National Constitutional Conference and the Technical Committee on the Constitution ALL affirmed Zambia to remain a multi-party democratic state! In both the Preamble and the substantive article 4(3) of the 2016 Amended Constitution there is affirmation of the multi-party nature of our country, the Republic of Zambia. Article 4(3) states and I quote, “The Republic is a unitary, indivisible, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-party democratic State.” Therefore, it follows that in a multi-party democratic state there should be opposition political parties and a vibrant civil society. The opposition political parties’ role is to hold government accountable and vie to take up the reins of government. Similarly, we in civil society provide checks and balances to the government of the day especially against violations of human rights, poor governance including wanton corruption and mismanagement of our country’s economy all of which PF is wanting. So Sunday Chanda and others who occupy the PF echo chamber should read our lips, we civil society and the opposition political parties have a right to be here and we are here to stay!

Therefore, the daily trashing of both the opposition and civil society organisations through the twisted unsubstantiated shallow rantings of the PF Media Director, Sunday Chanda, is an exercise in futility. Zambia remains a multi-party democracy with other opposition parties and civil society organisations as key tenets of a multi-party democracy. Sunday Chanda’sdelusions of wishing away opposition political parties and civil society organisations by lashing out at everyone who speaks against the PF’s rule is not only misguided but foolhardy,reckless and clearly end of thinking capacity!

First of all, there are no special qualities that President Lungupossesses as a human being that opposition political leaders do not possess. HH, Kambwili, Katuka, Musenge, Nawakwi, M’membe are no less human nor no less capable to lead this country than President Lungu is. Any of these can rule and at the rate Zambia is going, probably provide better and more hopeful leadership than President Lungu has done since he came into power. The PF on its own volition mortgaged Zambia to China and therefore opposition political parties and civil society are just stating the fact.

Secondly, no credible civil society organization would be proud of being held in great respect by Sunday Chanda. In fact, it is a dishonour for us to be heaped with praise by the ilk of Sunday Chanda. Sunday accuses us of singing the praises of our donors, why did he fail to raise the same funds for his defunct Open Society Foundation individual non-governmental organization for youth empowerment? When he was standing on MMD in Nkanchibiya we in civil society had our hopes in the opposition political parties like PF to come and correct the errors of MMDgovernment. Now he has jumped on the PF and he wants to pretend to be more patriotic than opposition political parties and civil society? Dream on.

Thirdly, it is highly irresponsible and reminiscent of a confidence trickster for the PF Media Director to use historical human tragedies such as genocide in Nazi Germany and in Rwanda as scare mongering of normal occurrences in a multi-party democracy. Human beings died during those horrific times in human history. More than 6 million people in Nazi Germany and more than 800,000 died in 1994 in Rwanda. How can what happened during those times be compared to opposition political leaders and civil society organisations asking, “Kanshimwakongola shinga pamo? Bushe, do we have the capacity to pay?” What is genocidal about that? What is xenophobic about that? What kind of reckless vuvuzela-ing is that?

We know what the purpose of these rants are. It is to liquidate our freedom of expression. It is not even original. It has been done before. Isolate some critical voices, vilify them, shut them up and the rest will be cowed and crawl into pitiful individual holes. Guess what PF Media Director, we are so fed up we have nothing to lose. It is our right to question and we will continue questioning no matter what you choose to call us. In a democratic just society such as ours, we the people hold the powerful to account. Ask President Lungu, he knows the rules of engagement even if you do not. To the opposition political parties, do your job! Man or woman up! To Laura Miti and all of us so called discredited civil society organisations by the PF let us wear the discredit from Sunday Chanda as a badge of honour. We are doing the right thing.


Judith Mulenga

Executive Director

Zambia Civic Education Association


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