Zambians ignore signing of amended constitution

Zambians ignore signing of amended constitution

12509325_1072145692836180_5876663410881890831_n1474641_1072144746169608_365506027924001592_n581902_1072134719503944_4249792350715688580_n 10592957_1072134739503942_1153168358648680991_n 12418004_1072134712837278_7393122162481933433_nDespite all the massive advertising and messages on mobile phone subscribers, expensive cards, ferrying cadres on buses, free beers, and declaring today a public holiday, etc Heroes Disaster Stadium has finally got a really historically low turnout.
As can be seen from these photos captured from ZNBC screens, outgoing president Edgar Lungu is already in the stadium inspecting a guard of honour in an empty stadium.
It seems the people ferried from all the country have decided to go shopping with the money they were paid to go and clap.
Meanwhile, there is no power in most parts of Lusaka.

Even hired dancers were disappointed with the low turnout.

This is the reality at Disaster Stadium. Some PF cadre was on radio saying people are avoiding the scorching sun in the empty seats. Clearly this stadium has a roof as can be seen here. We have watched soccer games played here and there has never been complaints of people been burnt by the sun. The government paid and ferried more than 1000 people fromeach of the 10 provinces to witness this.

This morning PF cadres went round Lusaka distributing expensive cards coated with gold. Lungu himself has been making passionate pleas to people from all the country to abandon whatever they are doing and go watch him sign the amended constitution, but here we are, only those ferried from afar and a few Lusaka residents turned up. Where are the civil servants who were ordered to be here?

In most parts of Lusaka, there is no power and Lungu expects people to go and watch him knowing very well that from here he is going back to a place with power?
We hope Lungu will now realise that Lusaka, and Zambia at large is not with him. That people surrounding him, are cheating him while ‘chewing’ the money. We are very sure Lungu was expecting a fully packed stadium with people climbing on trees to listen to him.

One Tv viewer told the Watchdod that:

Dear watchdog,

I am watching the ceremony for the presidential assentment to the constitutional amendment. It is a poorly attended event. The majority of the stadium is empty. A friendly match between mandebvu madalas and marapodi madalas would have attracted more spectators. Zanis has shown a clip of lungus inauguration with the stadium filled capacity. Fast forward to today, the stadium is only quarter filled. Inonge wina looks worried and lungu is not his jovial self. If i was PF i would be would be worried about our popularity in Lusaka. For the doubting Thomases just tune in to what Antonio Mwanza calls Dead NBC. Lungu was asked not to take this simple event to Heroes stadium because there disaster awaited him and the disaster of apathy has indeed recieved him

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