Zambians in rare awards on Independence eve

The Zambian Embassy in US will play host to an awards giving ceremony sponsored by private individuals.

According to a press release made available, the Mwape peer Awards which recognizes individuals in Zambia and the Diaspora who have played pivotal roles in our communities will be held on the eve of Zambia’s Independence day.

Details on how to participate are found here:

Mwape Peer Awards is a symbol of Excellence! Winners are selected by the Selection Committee of Peers (Experts) to reflect the significance roles they have taken in their respective fields. “This is an excellent idea that is long overdue. Awards will be given in the following categories:

  1. Banking: Bankers Award honoring an influential and inspirational individual in the banking sector.
  2. Economics: Economist Award honoring an economist who combines academic recognition with active participation in public policy.
  3. Education: Teacher Award honoring exceptional men and women in the teaching profession. Good teachers are critical to a strong school system.
  4. Engineering: Engineering Award honoring exceptional achievement through innovation in any field of engineering (civil, electrical, mechanical, sanitation, water, etc.)
  5. Law: Lawyer Award celebrating the distinguished careers of an individual whose world-class practice and commitment to law is an inspiration to the rest of the legal profession.
  6. Leadership: Leadership Award for showing extra-ordinary leadership skills in any field.
  7. Professional: Professional Award honoring professional excellence among scholars, authors, musicians, project managers, architectures, lecturer, nurses, etc.
  8. Media: Journalist Award honoring a journalist who through his/her work contribute to a better public understanding of the benefits of information communications in today’s world.
  9. Medicine: Physician Award honoring clinical physician who consistently achieve high standards in the practice of medicine by finding innovative ways of delivering quality medical care despite budget constraints. Is looked upon as role model by peers and is a valuable resource.
  10. Research: Research Award is intended to foster the development of promising investigators in any field.
  11. Talent: Rising Star Award honoring exceptional accomplishments by persons 30 years old or younger in any field.

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