Zambians itching for regime change – Chanda


The PF regime knows too well that Zambians are itching to kick them out but are looking for escorts, those that still support them blindly. Time is very ripe for regime change. Do not be part of the PF legacy of thieves. Zambians are too wise to fail to see that this Country has been run down by the PF thieves. Stop clapping and dancing for thieves by doing so you are encouraging them to steal more. These are the people who have reduced you to destitution and abject poverty.

Ignore some politicians that are working with this corrupt PF regime for personal gains. Do we surely need people from outside to come and advise us that what some people are doing is only giving ammunition to the PF thieves? Stop confusing people instead help them come out of this cruel regime. Zambians ask if indeed some politicians are interested in their welfare going by the way they conduct themselves or is it just about themselves.

Our fore fathers liberated this Country because they came together and kicked out the colonialists. In 1990/91 Zambians came together and removed the UNIP’s one Party rule. Everybody said enough is enough even those of you hiding in bogus political parties to confuse Zambians will not succeed to confuse the Zambian people. UNIP gave 100% increment to Miners but still went. Find out what happened in 1961, 1991 and 2011 for you to understand what will happen in 2021.

Zambians are ready to kick out the PF regime. We all know how Zambians are suffering; no one can pretend that PF has tortured the Zambian people by their greediness and Chipante Pante policies. Forget about those PF surrogate political parties, these ones survive on Sebana Wikute they are never concerned with the suffering of Zambians. What matters most is how much they benefit as individuals. That’s why it has become a very highly paid job for anyone to insult HH and the UPND on daily basis, this is how they survive.

Zambians deserve better leadership than that from the PF thieves. A friendly warning for those of you eating with PF, please eat quietly the proceeds of crime, don’t open your mouth too much. Come what may HH and the UPND are forming the next Government. Never ever cheat yourself that PF can win the next election.PF are only fooling themselves by buying people in by elections and claim they are popular. Zambians are eagerly waiting and itching for the big one.

The tribal statements from PF are the last kicks of a dying horse. In Bemba they say FULWE PAKUFWA ELYO APASA UMULILO. Never allow yourselves to be accomplices, the PF thieves have been stealing alone; a better tomorrow is coming through HH and the UPND

*Percy Chanda*

*UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter*

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