Zambians know PF by now

By Mike Chileshe

By now A wise Zambian knows that PF is a visionless party just like its leader Edgar Lungu. 4 years ago PF promised Zambians a constitution within 90 days,low taxes,more jobs and more money in our pockets but what happened in the 90 days of PF in power: The Kwacha took a non-stop downhill direction, cost of living went up, and today we have new rental taxes. What I like about the PF is they keep repeating the same mistakes, today the PF president is busy making promises which we all know will not be fulfilled even in 50 years of PF being in power. Why do I say this? because PF leaders make promises without giving a laid down plan of how they’re going to fulfil their promises. The late Michael Sata promised Zambians a constitution within 90 days and yet the old man didnt give Zambians a laid down plan on how he was going to do this, why? Because the old man didn’t even understand the steps followed in implementing a new constitution. Today here is another sick PF president promising Zambians things he will not be able to fulfil because he has no understanding of the economic factors affecting Zambia’s economy. Surely how can you improve people’s standard of living by increasing governments expenditure through establishing new ministries. Zambians we still have a chance to change the visionless leadership we appointed, lets not be deceived the second time.We have next year to change this visionless leadership, lets make a wise decision. God bless Mike Chileshe

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