Zambians know the real criminals – Chanda

Zambians know the real criminals – Chanda

8th FEBRUARY 2021


Stop annoying Zambians with your false accusations against HH. God gave you that mouth to tell the truth and not lies. Zambians need to know the criminals that wanted to eliminate them through gassing and hand over the country to foreigners. Zambians need to know why its leaders would want to eliminate them by giving them those expired drugs and other defective medical kits. Zambians need to know who and why people went on rampage of burning markets throughout the country. Zambians need to know who ordered the use of live ammunition on unarmed innocent citizens resulting in death of the late Public prosecutor and our Party member. Those of you eating with criminals please do so quietly and secretly, don’t show off.

You cannot continue using the same set of lies against HH and expect to win people’s sympathy and respect. Zambians have no respect for liars. There is nothing new about the same rubbish about HH which will make people believe you now. Why is it that you just paraphrase the same lies over and over again? Surely somebody should be very dull to keep on thinking that such lies will reduce the cost living, stabilize the Kwacha and create jobs for the youth.

Tell the Zambian people what you will do for them and not the same old monotonous song about HH. Or else if you have nothing constructive to offer the Zambian people better shut your mouth. Today Zambians have realized that HH mean well for them. No amount of lies will stop Zambians to go for regime change.

One wonders the way some politicians behave. They become too obsessed with hatred to an extent that they lose focus of what they want to achieve. This route is a very sure way of self destruction. You are simply campaigning for HH. The next thing is that HH very soon will be in a driving seat. If indeed it’s true what you preach about HH why is he not arrested by now? HH is unstoppable; he is forming the next government stop wasting your breath on issues you know are false. One day you will stand before God to explain about your satanic behavior.

Percy Chanda
UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter

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