Zambians lack seriousness


We have a problem in Zambia and unless we serious speaking can change our attitude then believe me we will never develop. Stupid and things that can not improve our economy settings and even add value to our problems such as ;
-Chilufya Tayali cheating on the wife.
– Yo Maps and Mwizu breaking up
– Lusaka July etc will get every Zambian attention and everyone will rise their antennas to be kept up-to-date on the happenings but on issues that will foster development and define our future as country such as;
– Bill 10
– ECZ Elections changes
-Covid19 health guidelines and policies
– FIC report
– ACC red tape well of handling corruption cases
-Tribal Politics and Cadres behavior that see them to have more command than our Police Services etc will get very few people talking and very few will even be bothered to even find time know what is happening.
Tuchinje bane and let us change for the best of our country and for the future generation of our children interests.
Concerned Citizen

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