Zambians living in SA now afraid

Patriotic Front Government must not affect our stay here in South Africa because we have no intention of coming back may be in 2016 just to vote against PF.President Michael Sata must fire Dr. Guy Scott and protect the relationship that has existed for a long time now .

Dr. Guy Scott statement was this  morning on SABC and ETV and last  night as main news item and this will affect us Zambians living here.PF is the most isolated Government in Africa and should be working on making friends not enemies please.

We are not happy and disappointed with Dr. Scott statement and we demand action from the President.

Concerned Zambians living in South Africa


The PF regime should Stop attacking our neighbors for their declining political fortune

The summoning of the Zambian high commissioner to South Africa was to be expected. The remarks by Guy Scott are offensive and display contempt and disrespect for our neighbor. The statement was reckless and unwarranted and extremely provocative to be ignored as mere rantings of a misguided politician seeking cheap international publicity.
It is the habit and character of this Government to attack innocent personalities and friendly neighboring countries.
Most recently one of the coalition partners of the PF government, the post newspaper ruthlessly and mercilessly attacked the Government of South Africa and President Zuma.
The statement of Guy Scott against the government of South Africa does not in any represent the views of the gallant people of Zambia against our long time ally comrades and friends of the Republic of South Africa.
Our two people’s have a long standing history of struggle against imperialist forces and their allies. No one person should be allowed to destroy what we have built over the years by reckless and un guided statements.

Nason Msoni

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