Zambians need food more than roads

  • My opinion. When MMD won elections in 1991, there were celebrations everywhere because the people thought the barrier to their daily needs was Dr. Kaunda. Barely 5 years after celebrating in that manner, in 1996 it had to take Dr. Chiluba to sell (bribe) the houses at K 10,000(old currency) to win back the confidence of the people of Zambia.
    The continued infrastructure development being championed by the PF though designed and started by the MMD is good for the country but not the people of Zambia. What the people need more than anything is the food on the table, lower taxes, cheaper fuel and more money in their pockets.
    Dr. Mwanawasa(mhsrip) once said in reference to a confrontation with our President that’ Zambians easily forget’.
    -They have forgotten they wanted change
    -They have forgotten they won the Africa Cup and want Renard Out.
    -They have forgotten they hated RB and today he is a Darling of many especially those who crucified him.

    I strongly believe the Zambian people will forget these roads being done at massive costs and still call for change. There is nothing left to win back the confidence of the Zambian people, no lies, no free houses, no Chibuku or Shake Shake. What the people want today till election time is food on the table, lower taxes, free education and more money in their pockets.
    It high time government reintroduced Subsidies to win back the confidence of the people. They will lose nothing because its not their money. MMD almost lost the elections in 1996 if it was not for the houses they gave away to the people. The same happened in 2001 when MMD narrowly or fraudulently won the elections.
    This is a serious call to the PF, this pride is quickly sending you back to the opposition with massive cases. Remembe, ‘Zambians forgets easily’.

    Just a thought.
    Benson T

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