Zambians not suspects in death of Zimbabwean minister’s daughter

Zambians not suspects in death of Zimbabwean minister’s daughter

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.48.06Contrary to alarming statements issued by PF High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba, the police in South Africa say no Zambian is a suspect in the death of Zimbabwean minister Jonathan Moyo’s daughter.

Zanele Moyo’s was found dead in her Rosebank apartment the other Saturday, with allegations emerging that two men were wanted by police for questioning.
Upon hearing this news, Emmanuel Mwamba in his usual undiplomatic, childish behaviour convened an international press conference where he ordered the ‘murderers’ to come out of their hiding.
Mwamba, named the ‘ Zambian killers’ as Stephen Kenneth Newman Chitobolo and Leo Milimo Chingwena. The Times of Zambia, ZNBC, Daily Mail and other PF online publications ran screaming headlines quoting Mwamba.

But as it turns out, the police have not even identified any suspect so far, and they are not even sure if it was murder.

According to South African media, Police opened an inquest into Zanele Moyo’s death but said so far there were no suspects.
Provincial police spokeswoman Constable Noloyiso Rwexana said a docket into Moyo’s death had been opened but declined to comment on the photograph apparently showing the inside of Moyo’s flat, or whether two men were wanted for questioning.
Mwamba’s statements was viewed as interference with police work and a direct risk to the two Zambians he mentioned without verifying facts.

Educated diplomats would never issue such a statement but would refer such queries to the South Africa police since this is a matter in the jurisdiction of the South African police.
A senior security official in Zambia explained that Mwamba once again embarrassed president Lungu by breaching diplomatic protocol by yapping anyhow.
The security official explained that the statement by Mwamba could have caused angry Zimbabweans or South African, or students when the deceased was to take the law into their own hands and beat up or even kill the individuals Mwamba accused of murdering Zanele.
“Imagine if at the time Mwamba made that statement, those Zambian guys were in the vicinity of the university, what do you think students would have done to them?’ the security official asked.

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