Zambians question Lusambo’ source of K1.5m donation

Zambians question Lusambo’ source of K1.5m donation

Zambians question Lusambo K1.5 million donation

Zambians are questioning Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo’s donation of almost K1.5 million  worth of goods in his constituency at a time the Financial Intelligence Centre has just revealed that Billions have been stolen by Patriotic Front (PF) connected leaders.

On Saturday, Lusambo posted on Facebook boasting that he had donated 4000 bags of mealie meal, 4000 litres of cooking oil and other assortments to his constituency.
Civil society activist laura Miti wrote
How did Bowman Lusambo get this rich?

To make this donation, Lusaka Minister, Bowman Lusambo, had to pay something in the region of K1million from his own pocket. Now, we all know that, in 2011, Mr Lusambo was an MMD cadre with no money whatsoever. This means he has somehow, since assuming office, become arguably richer than the government he serves in. Remember, government is so broke that it is failing to meet its financial obligations. Simple question is how has Mr Lusambo made this money? Keep in mind that according to FIC reports, over K15 billion of public money has disappeared in illicit transactions in the last 3 years. By this post, I am asking Minister Lusambo to explain how he became so rich as to afford this donation. I am also asking the President to get the ACC to investigate this donation. I ask because this, to the uneducated eye, looks like a Minister with money in amounts which cannot be supported by his known earnings. I also ask because we citizens are tired of seeing politicians show off inexplicable wealth while the rest of us can barely hold things together. Mr President please – help us here.

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