Zambians should vote against culture of violence

By John Bwalya

The violence by the PF on opposition supporters is reaching alarming levels. What is more worrying are reports that the attacks on the helicopter carrying UPND campaign team and on United Democratic Alternative members in Shiwang’andu constituency was executed with full knowledge of area MP, Stephen Kampyongo, who is also Home Affairs deputy Minister.

There has also been systematic violent attacks especially on UPND supporters in Lusaka by PF thugs calling themselves “PF 100%- Edgar Lungu”.

I was shocked to hear on Millennium Radio in Lusaka a lady saying,      ” efyo baledandaula ba UPND ati tuleboma, tabalati. Inga twawina elo twakulaboma, twakula ba paga fye”, meaning “UPND have not experienced real violence yet. They should wait until we [ PF] win. We shall be butchering them one by one”.

I was flabbergasted to say the least that the moderator simply listened through without reprimanding the caller for remarks that have potential to spark genocide.

The consoling thing though us the fact that PF is rapidly losing support, hence their resort to intimidation and violence.  The UPND has widely been accepted in areas which were traditionally strongholds of PF such as Lusaka, Copperbelt, Northern,  Muchinga,  Luapula and Central Provinces. This is causing PF hard cores sleepless nights.

The increasing popularity of UPND is largely because it is presenting quality, focused  and stable leadership, with clear policy alternatives which give hope to the najority if citizens across political, ethnic and regional divide a better Zambia.

On the other hand, the PF have failed to defend their poor governance record and have instead resorted to making fresh promises as if they are in the opposition. This is worrying the majority of right thinking Zambians.

Nonetheless, in case PF retains power, Zambians will experience brutal regime ever and the socio-economic and political situation is likely to rapidly deteriorate,  thereby creating a fertile ground for a failed state, in which rule of law and established government structures will literally be taken over by the panga wielding PF cadres.

There is a lot at stake for the 20th January Presidential by-election and it important to vote against the culture of pangas by voting for peace, unity and stability for a better Zambia.

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