‘Zambians tired of Amsterdam’s rantings’ – YOLA

The decision by Robert Amsterdam to position himself as the official mouthpiece of Rupiah Banda and some opposition political parties gives credence to the assertion that the claimed reputed lawyer is nothing more than a pure mercenary.

Whereas his point of entry into the issues that concern Zambia involved his remote control style of representing one of his clients Henry Banda by means of the press, he has of late assumed a hard core mercenary position of fully discrediting the government of the Republic of Zambia.

It is of utmost concern for us as Zambians to note that Amsterdam has capitalized on any form of opportunity to discredit the government. Now it’s obviously important to remind everybody that Zambia is bigger than the government that the Amsterdam keeps discrediting in the eyes of the international community and the entirety of the bad publicity he has been propagating about the Zambia government is reflecting badly on the country holistically.

Amsterdam’s recent opportunistic attack on the President of Zambia in the wake of the response that the office of the president gave to Rupiah Banda’s apology to George W. Bush over the conversation that the president claims bordered on his personal relationship. Ironic enough, Amsterdam terms this as a controversial public insult which exposes the political motivations guiding the government’s phony anti-graft campaign. Now for the so-called international lawyer, this is an issue he feels obligated to handle because somehow it does affect the representation that he should be making on behalf of his clients. It is clearly undeniable that the issue of Rupiah apologizing on behalf of Zambians to Bush over a conversation he had with president Sata is an outright act politicking on Banda’s part, howbeit, Amsterdam sees nothing wrong with Banda making statements for and on behalf of Zambians but jumps at the chance to satisfy his obsession with attacking the government.

Interestingly, again to prove Amsterdam’s obsession with discrediting the government and Zambians at large, he terms government’s feedback as a crack down on the opposition political parties and has taken the chance to disparage people such as Wynter Kabimba and Mutembo Nchito. It is disgusting to note the mercenary’s level of desperation in painting a gloomy and despotic picture about the Zambian government. It is certainly trite position that that on this score, Amsterdam’s ranting may easily be characterized as a figment of his imagination. In view of the pursuit for Henry, it will be important to allow Amsterdam a chance to come to Zambia as well so that he can have an appreciation of what Zambia is like instead of exhibiting ignorance on rampage as regards our set up.

If a little is all one has, then we can say that it only takes a little intelligence for one to know that Amsterdam does not represent anything good with respect to the governance of our country. The Zambians who know and understand what Amsterdam’s handlers and paymasters did to the country would certainly agree that this is a mercenary strictly speaking.  Amsterdam’s insistence on claiming that there may be no credible charges against his bosses are particularly disgusting; Does this Canadian guy know what characterized the governance style of his boss Rupiah? We shall live that to his conscience.

In finality, it is important to note that our position should not in any way be construed as a call for the opposition political parties not to offer checks and balances to the government of the day. What we are against is the place of political mercenaries like Amsterdam in our conduct of politics. For those who are increasing the role of Mr. Amsterdam in our politics ought to know that hiring a mercenary to discredit your own country is an unacceptable and immoral avenue.

With every day that passes, Amsterdam makes an attempt to make governance in our country difficult and his continued discrediting of the government before the international community is purely aimed at stopping donor funding to Zambia. Whereas Amsterdam’s paymasters may not feel the effects of halting donor funding to Zambia because of their fattened pockets through dipping their fingers in public coffers when they were in government, such an action would certainly be inimical to the plight of ordinary Zambians.

The million dollar notice to Amsterdam is that at present, he is being a beneficiary of poor people’s resources that were allegedly siphoned during the previous regime.


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