Zambians to lose jobs as Airtel plans to move network dept to Bombay

I wish to let you know about what is happening at Airtel. The technical l Dept which is run by NSN India have resolve to retrench qualified Zambians and replace the them with Indians.

Firstly they want to move the function of Zambian NOC( network monitoring Centre) to India. that will mean Job losses for Zambians and more jobs created for Indians in India. What it means is that Indians will be managing the network remotely. This will have serious network implications. The security of our nation is also at risk by this remote monitoring.

Lastly, why cant the Zambian Govt do anything about this like the way their counterparts did in Tanzania? Because a lot of families will have no job at the end of the day.

My wish is that you publish this for the nation to know why airtel network is becoming worse nowadays due to less motivation of workers caused by looming job cuts.

Kind regards,

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