Zambians want a one-party state, says Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba says it is not the desire of the ruling party to form a one-party state but that it is the wish of Zambians.

Kabimba said this when he welcomed Gabriel Namulambe who has resigned from MMD to join PF.

He said Zambians were happy because opposition parties were collapsing.

“Some people say we are killing the opposition, no! The opposition is killing itself. If the MMD or UPND is drinking poison and dying, why should the PF mourn. Yes we are happy that they are dying and the least we can do is to provide firewood for their funeral. It’s not the PF who wants the one-party State, its the people of Zambia,” he said.

Wynter further called on more MMD members of parliament to join the PF.

“Why are you delaying to come and join us, there is ‘nkongole’ (debt) in MMD. Why do you want to pay ‘nkongole for which you were not party to?” he asked.

And at the same function, Kabimba said foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda had exhibited treacherous behaviour of the highest order.

“There are some people in this party who are bringing treachery. This people are not satisfied with the PF and they want to belong to more than two political parties, PF and others. If you think you are man enough, or woman enough, follow the example of Gabriel Namulambe and leave the party. Join another and wait for that party to win an election. But is you wish to stay and saw seeds of anarchy in the party, we will not hesitate but hound you out,” said Kabimba in apparent reference to Lubind.

Yesterday Kabimba wrote to Lubinda demanding an explanation, withing seven days, on accusations that he has been working with the opposition.

Lubinda is accused of sponsoring the protest against the K1.5 billion allocation to the office of the first lady.

Sources at State House say after Cabinet office agreed to propose the allocation from the National Budget, Lubinda went and informed the opposition of the move and guided them to question the decision in parliament.

Kabimba’s critics however accuse him of wanting to paint a bad image on Lubinda who is his threat to the party presidency.

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