Zambians want an experienced leader like me, says Sata

PF leader Michael Sata says Zambians are distressed people under the
leadership of President Rupiah Banda.
In an interview with the Watchdog, Sata said no one was happy with the leadership of President Banda which he said has failed to bring down the levels of poverty both in rural and urban areas.
“My trip to the Southern province has shown and proved that people are distressed and are not happy, they are hungry and thirsty for leadership change because the current government of President Banda
has failed to give them hope,” Sata said.
Sata said the failure by President Banda to respect the people’s wishes in the management of the judiciary by providing Zambians with a constitution was another concern raised by stakeholders during his
visit to the province.
He said the change of government the people of Zambia were calling for should be taken seriously because the MMD government has failed to address problems farmers face and secure national food security
through proper food storage and management.
“We were very disappointed that government despite talking about the poor management of maize storage nothing has changed to ensure that the bumper harvest is managed well, just imagine that our team in the
Southern province has told us that maize at Monze FRA is rotting, the maize has gone bad, so why should you keep a government which is failing to manage the bumper harvest, why allowing our staple food to
rot when people are hungry, when people go to sleep on an empty
stomach?” asked Sata.
He said it was very unfortunate that President Banda has failed to learn how to manage the agriculture sector despite once working at NAMBOARD.
“This is a man who once worked for NAMBOARD in the past in a verysenior position, so why is he failing to manage the food security of the country, the maize which is rotting in Monze is over 10 000 bags,
government know this, Rupiah must be given a red card for gross negligence of so many things on September 20th,” said Sata.
And Sata has assured his supporters that he is in good health and will carry the day in this year’s elections because the people of Zambia wanted an experienced leader.
He said currently there was no politician who is more experienced and understands problems the people were faced with than himself, adding that Zambia does not need a magician to record meaningful economical growth but someone with the people at heart.
“The leadership problems this country is facing is that all the presidents that have had chance to govern were just awaken from deep sleep. Look at the late Levy Mwanawasa who I have great respect for
doing the right thing, he was just given, Rupiah Banda was at a farm in Eastern province and he never thought of becoming president but Mwanawasa appointed him Vice president and after his demise he become president, but once thing people should understand is that Rupiah
Banda had no plans of running the affairs of the country no wonder he is facing all these problems,” said Sata.
He appealed to the people of Zambia to consider voting for the PF in this year’s election for increased economical growth, reducedunemployment levels, and efficient and effective social sector.

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