Zambians want Sata this year, says Bob Sichinga

Economic consultant Bob Sichinga says there is no doubt that the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD will lose this year’s election.
Sichinga told QFM radio that the situation on the ground clearly indicates that the people of Zambia want the Patriotic Front to takeover government.

Speaking on QFM’s Public’s Last Say last evening, Sichinga said from the public forums he has been having around the country, the situation favours the Patriotic Front ahead of the polls this year.

He said the people of Zambia have identified PF president Michael Sata as the vehicle of the change they want.

Sichinga added that he has no apologies to make as his analysis is based on what he has gotten from the forums he has had in different parts of the country.

And Sichinga has dismissed president Rupiah Banda’s assertions that Sata’s recent trip to the UK were he gave a lecture at Oxford University was a flop.

Sichinga who accompanied the PF president to the UK said that to the contrary the trip was very successful.

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