Zambians will rather vote for HH

Zambians will rather vote for HH


George Sichula
NDC Copperbelt Province chairman.

A few years ago President Hakainde Hichilema held a closed door meeting in Chingola with pastors, reverands and Bishops and posed a challenge to them. He said” I hear some people say that am a satanist, can you pray for me then”. Everyone was quiet and could not pray for him. It is very common amongst Christians in Zambia today that when one makes it in life, then Lucifer has a hand in it. There is always one question which lingers on my mind. Why do some people want HH to be a satanist when he has confessed Jesus as Lord and saviour? He is an active member of Seventh day Adventist church and we expect people to respect that.

This issue keeps popping up whenever there is an election to disadvantage him especially knowing that many Zambians are religious. We are all aware that the PF thinks that they can still use this expired piece of information in the political arena to destroy HH. This will not work because the Zambian people are already resolved to vote for a so called satanist. We would rather be ruled by a satanist with a vision than a Christian without a vision in a country full of abundancy.

The Zambian people are fully aware that this message was used before to destroy HH. We stand with him in this election. Our prayer is that no weapon fashioned against HH shall prosper. Zambians can not continue to suffer in the hands of the so called humble Christians. It is foolishness to hide behind Christianity when you are failing to work out a good economy for the many suffering Zambians. We cannot allow the same people who made the economy to collapse to restore it.

It is on record that initially the PF used privatisation to bring HH down but could not manage. Later, gassing was stage managed to implicate HH but again failed. They burnt markets at will to upset the people with a view to implicate the UPND but still failed. President HH has been called names like Stingy, greedy, satanist, a thief and many other bad names by the PF. But the good news is that the man is tolerant, calm, focused, visionary and strong. Zambia needs a strong and reliable President and I can safely say that the incoming President has passed a PF tribulation test and we feel he is ready to take up leadership as President of the republic of Zambia.

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