Zambia’s Casino Scene

Zambia’s Casino Scene

In Zambia, you have the opportunity to enjoy casino games both online or onsite.  The choice is absolutely yours.  But which method will give you the optimal results?  While they both have their pros and cons, let us explore to see which method is the best fit.

Onsite Casino Games

The great benefit of onsite casinos and games is the ambiance.  Whether you are looking for the biggest crowd or the most luxurious ambiance, Zambia has both.


As Zambia’s capital, the city of Lusaka has the largest number of casinos in Zambia, with 10 gambling facilities, 77 table games, 516 gaming, slot, and video poker machines.  Everything you need is within the city limits.


If it’s the ambiance that you are looking for, then Casino Marina Lusaka may be right up your alley.  It is the largest casino in Lusaka with 23 table games, 154 gaming and video poker machines, and plenty of people to share your joy and excitement.

Then again, there’s also the Emperor’s Palace Casino.  It opened only three years ago and so still has that brand new, shiny feel to it.


For a wonderful, luxurious experience, the Millionaires Casino located in Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka is your place.  With a selection of Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, the games continue on into the night.  The casino also runs daily cash draws of up to k6,000 and three lucky winners can walk away with k2,000 cash each.  All active players receive free food and drinks on the house.  Talk about luxury.

The downside of onsite casinos is the travel time.  Unless you’re stationed at one of the hotels that hosts the casino games, you may have to use up some travel time to get to a casino.  Or even if you are at a hotel, but want to try out different casinos, it will require driving and parking, busing, or walking to get there.  Lusaka is a big and booming town with casinos sprawled around it, so traveling may be tedious.

With physically being out there, comes the dangers of crime.  You want to protect your assets and well-earned money.  According to the Zambia 2018 Crime and Safety Report, such crimes are actually frequent, therefore, it is good to take precautions.

Another downside – if you don’t want the big crowd – is the music, noise and excitement.  If calm and relaxing is what you prefer, then onsite gambling may prove quite a challenge.  And in that case, online casino games may be a better choice.

Online Casino Games

One of the major benefits of online casino games is the comfort.  You can enjoy big wins within the comforts of your favorite armchair, amazing game choices with a click of your finger, and depending on your volume choice, you can turn up the volume to add to the excitement or keep the volume down for concentration.  Comfort is key with online casino games.

And that’s not all.  You also have the opportunity of direct depositing your wins into an account.  That means no need to carry anything and no travel time.


As with onsite gambling, online gambling does have its downside.  If you are on your phone, you may not have to worry about your computer crashing and losing your data.  Computer crashes happen when a computer program or even the operating system itself stops functioning properly and exits.

However, with smart phones, the issue will be whether your internet connection is secured.  If your connection is not secure, people can easily take your information without you even being aware it happened.  Simply adding a strong password for your internet connection can take care of that.

For added security, make sure the games you are involved in have 128 or 256-bit encryption.  That way, whatever personal and financial data you send to the casino is turned into strings of unbreakable code.

Here are some other ways to ensure safety for online casino games:

  1. Look for the TST symbol on the website.  This ensures that, in short, the algorithms used by this casino are practically random and therefore not hackable.
  2. Make sure the casino has a privacy policy in place assuring you that they will not share your information with a third party.
  3. Most online casinos post their licenses at the bottom of their website.  This way you can check which gaming authority or commission granted them permission to run.
  4. Reading the terms and conditions, albeit tedious, will equip you with information and enable you to make informed decisions about which casino to use.

In all, both online gaming and onsite gaming have their perks and their downsides.  Which one works best depends on your personality and preference.  Whichever one you choose, if you live in Zambia or if you are traveling to Zambia, there is a great chance you will have a positive experience with their many casino games.

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