Zambia’s chances of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup are almost ZERO

Dear Editor,

There is so much publicity and talk about Zambia’s chances of
qualifying to the World Cup all the discussions and newspaper articles
seem to centre on Zambia winning group D in which we were gifted three
free points and are the group leaders. What the discussions and
newspapers articles are not telling Zambians is that even if Zambia
won group D it still has to play the final round matches with winners
from the other nine groups on away and home knock out basis to be
drawn at the conclusion of the group matches. Just for records sake
the likely qualifiers from the other groups are:

Group A- South Africa or Botswana
Group B- Tunisia
Group C- Ivory Coast or Tanzania
Group D- Zambia or Ghana
Group E- Congo Braz.
Group F- Nigeria or Malawi
Group G- Egypt
Group H- Algeria or Mali
Group I- Cameroon or Libya or Congo DR
Group J- Senegal or Liberia or Angola

Only five teams from the above will go for the world cup, the journey
to the world cup is surely tougher than it is made to look. FAZ seem
to be quite on this anomaly in reporting which is misleading. I am
sure FAZ are doing it deliberately to extort money from the treasury
and the Zambian people. In my opinion we are not going to the world
Cup in 2014

I hope you will publish this in your popular paper.

Thank you

Chonta Ngweza

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