Zambia’s Democracy in Jeopardy

Zambia’s Democracy in Jeopardy

Zambia’s democracy In jeopardy: The case of Chishimba kambwili

The unnecessary arrests of political dissidents who hold views inimical to the government is regrettable in a growing democracy like ours.
The police should know that one of the hallmarks of democracy is freedom of expression. Why should the police arrest Kambwili simply because he has been adamantly exposing the ills of this government. The arresting of honourable Kambwili is unjustifiable and based on flimsy grounds. Why arrest a man who has chosen to identify himself with poor workers who have long been oppresed by foreigners. This is ironic and symptomatic of a failed state. Zambians must be cognizant of the fact that the ills commited by this kleptocratic regime cannot be auto-corrected. We need audacious individuals like Kambwili who against all odds challenge the status quo of this country.
If the current government thinks it will protract its stay in power by muzzling the press and individuals who hold divergent views, it is misguided. Previous governments have done that but they were ousted from power.
Please we need normalcy in our country to be restored.

Concerned citizen

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