Zambia’s deputy envoy to Zim donates money to Bulawayo hospital

Zambia’s Deputy ambassador to Zimbabwe, Humphrey Mwenya Mushili has donated money to a hospital in Bulawayo because he is ‘touched’ by the plight of patients sleeping on the floor.

According to Zimbabwean media, mothers at Bulawayo’s Mpilo Hospital are sleeping on the floor in the Paediatric Unit where their sick children are receiving treatment.

The hospital’s Pediatric Unit, the only referral centre for children in the southern region of the country, does not provide accommodation for waiting mothers.

Touched by the plight of the waiting mothers, Zambia’s Deputy ambassador to Zimbabwe, Humphrey Mwenya Mushili, donated US$500 towards the building of a shed outside the hospital, to provide sleeping space for the women.

“I am donating this US$500 towards the acquisition of roofing sheets for the construction of a shed for the waiting mothers,” said Mushili.

Previously the envoy had made another US$500 donation to the hospital.

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