Zambia’s irrelevant authorities

Zambia’s irrelevant authorities


By Friday Kashiwa

On Wednesday night during the Prime TV news, two news items made me shade tears; One showing many unpaid Government pensioners, old women and men crying and praying for their pension money at the Ministry of Justice.
The other clip was for another old lady crying while narrating how traumatized she was after Kaizer Zulu burnt the house and property belonging to her son at a farm in Mikango area.
One thing was consistent with the two cases of these helpless crying people; They were all calling upon the Relevant Authorities for help.
Do we still have Relevant Authorities in Zambia, was my immediate question.

In August 2018, during the Henry Kapoko judgement, Choma based magistrate Exnorbit Zulu, who was sitting in Lusaka as presiding magistrate in the Henry Kapoko case ruled and ordered as follows;
For the Relevant Authorities to arrest the then President Edgar Lungu Principal Private Secretary Dr Simon Miti, in order for him to answer to corruption related charges brought out at the time he served as Ministry of Health Permanent secretary.
If my memory saves me well, Dr Miti has never been arrested as per magistrate Exnorbit directives, but was in 2019 instead rewarded with promotion to the office of Secretary to the Cabinet.
Our Relevant Authorities at work.

The much awaited report of the Commission of inquiry into the 2016 Voting Patterns and Electoral violence is now out and in public domain.
Some of the recommendations by the Commission are of special interest.
But my matter of interest and concern today is on two Shiwangandu Helicopters incidents. I come from Shiwangandu District, very peaceful place.
One incident was in 2015, carrying the UPND campaign team of Honorable Mutale Namumango and former First Lady madam Maureen Mwanawasa.
The other one was in 2016 carrying the campaign team of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.
In both incidents, the two helicopters were ambused, attacked and nearly torched or burnt, together with passengers at or near Shiwangandu boma.
According to the report, some of the instigators of these incidents were identified by witnesses during the hearing as Shiwangandu DC Evelyn Kangwa, a civil servant and Andrew Kampyongo, cousin to Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo.
The Commission made the necessary recommendations to the relevant Authorities as follows:
That the relevant authorities should pursue and reopen the case involving Andrew Kampyongo for his involvement in both the 2015 and 2016 Helicopters incidents.
That the relevant authorities should censure and take appropriate sanctions against Shiwangandu DC Evelyn Kangwa.
As a proud son of Shiwangandu District and am sure many other concerned and peace loving Zambians, we are patiently waiting for the relevant authorities to do the needful of being RELEVANT and not IRRELEVANT.
Friday Kashiwa.

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