Zambia’s morally decayed leaders

By Kalonga D Haciwa

My father was a politician and served his home constituency for many years.  I asked him sometime back why some people say politics is a dirty game or a bad job?  His answer was very encouraging; he said, “Young man! Many of these politicians you see getting to those higher offices or parliament get there NOT on merit but through telling lies to the electorates.  They first assess the common problems at hand and embed them into their campaign manifestos.  They will promise you things you dire need urgent attention like;

  • Enactment of the new constitution, which will stand the test of time…dual citizenship….50+1….
  • Promoting democracy and seeing it grow to greater heights
  • Stumping out corruption
  • Provide free education, health….
  • Develop workable policies
  • Honoring of the Barotse Agreement
  • Etc….

The moment they are voted into power they forget all the promises they were making out to the people when they were appealing for votes.  For any home or a family to be upright in everything they do, the parents themselves need to be upright and truthful in everything they say and do.  Then, the whole family will follow suit.  Unlike what is currently happening in Zambia, many people get into politics for selfish reasons and not are there to serve the interest of the nation.

May I call for His Excellency, the President Mr. Michael Sata to first honour most if not all the promises he made during his “tour of duty” campaign and secondly, to clean up his cabinet and ensure that all the bad, immoral, corrupt and unfaithful ministers are flashed out of the system and the rest of the big Zambian family will follow suit.  Currently, there are squabbles between his cabinet ministers on issues surrounding corrupt practices and power struggle when they should have been busy putting the Zambian house in order.  It seems in Zambia, politicians are almost law unto themselves. And if you happen to belong to the ruling party, then you are immune to prosecution until such a time that you leave them or differ.

Otherwise, some politicians are a big letdown. They are always in the news for the wrong reasons which are counter to the development of the nation.

Bearing in mind that Zambia is a democratic nation; let the government allow other opposition political parties to hold peaceful rallies, unlike what is happening currently.  The Police service has been turned into a police force which is no longer there to serve the Zambia citizens but the powers that be.

We are tired of these morally decayed leaders! Can someone responsible do something before the situation gets beyond redemption?

If a patient is suffering from cancer of a leg, and the patient has been given almost all the types of treatments and the problem still persists, the next and final option is amputation of the spoiled part of the leg.  Hope, this will not be the last option for the Zambian people.

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