Zambia’s new sales tax is copy and paste

Zambia’s new sales tax is copy and paste

*No wonder it exempts warships, snow ploughs, and floating sea rigs.

A renowned Consultant says Zambia’s proposed sales tax has been stolen, lifted word-for-word from the USA.

A consultant and local business woman Ruth Henson who also owns Martindale Farm in Livingstone says one can simply tell from items being exempted from this tax that it was just downloaded and copied and pasted as a new law in Zambia.

Last month Cabinet approved the new contravesrial sales tax to replace the value added tax (VAT).

On Saturday, a road show designed to popularize the new tax was in Livingstone addressed by Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe and Justice Minister, Given Lubinda.

The new tax exempts snow ploughs, snow blowers from paying tax.

The new tax also exempts warships, floating oil-drilling platforms, tankers and space crafts;

Zambia has no sea, no snow season and no space program.

Clearly some people must lose their jobs for this extreme negligence and unashamed but lazy intellectual property theft.

Below is her posting;

“I’ve just been reading through the proposed exemptions for sales tax and noted that it includes snow ploughs and snow blowers.”

“People should be more careful when they copy someone else’s work 😂”

“More interesting items on the list of proposed items for tax exemption.
Spacecraft including satelites.”

“Floating or submersible Drilling platforms.
Somebody has plans? Or the copy artist thought Zambians don’t read?”

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