Zambia’s Paloma kicked out of Big brother

FINALLY the “strong” Paloma has been evicted from Big Brother Africa Revolution in Johannesburg last night.

The Zambian sales assistant was the last to get the boot after the two Namibians Rene and Erastus.

Paloma, 25, who was described by other housemates as aggressive, came out smiling from the house after taking more than the required 30 seconds she was given to evacuate the house as she was busy taking hugs and kisses.

But Paloma was not surprised.PALOMA_-_ZAMBIA_-_IMAGE_2

“I saw it coming,” she said.

“I knew standing with the Girls Alliance would get me out sometime but I didn’t mind.

“I know I was evicted because I was a strong candidate,” she said.

“I’m not bossy, I’m just stubborn!

“The game is a battlefield,” she confided.

But Paloma was not going to keep secrets about “the night”.

“Itai tried to make a move on me but I have always maintained my space,” she said.

“Rene and I will still be friends outside the house,” said a rather excited Paloma.

She apologised to Kevin and Kaone for accusing them of betraying her.

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