Zambia’s problems can be resolved by leaders of future mentality, says HH

United Party For National Development,UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says the 2011 tripartite elections will provide Zambians with an opportunity to unite around a common purpose of national reconstruction.

And Hichilema said the country’s problems need to be resolved by leaders of a future mentality as they are of the future and not the past.

Speaking on a special program on Radio Phoenix this morning,Hichilema said the 2011 elections are not centered on personalities or ethnic boundaries but rather around a general purpose of alleviating poverty and growing the economy.

He vowed to embark on a 10% annual economic growth in his first five years of office by through robust implementation of policies which are centered on citizenry empowerment through decent investment.

He said it is possible to reduce the country’s poverty and match it with economic growth by cutting on extravagant and unnecessary spending in order to channel the funds towards service delivery which will include a motivated public service.

“how do you have a poor country that has 66 ministers and their deputies each with at least 3 K500 million worth vehicles which totals to K1.5 billion per minister.Multiplying that by 66 will give you a rough figure on how much extravagance and unnecessary spending there is in this government.That is the money once in power will be used to alleviate poverty and improve on service delivery because we will have a sizable cabinet”he explained.

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