Zambia’s problems can not be fixed by removing Kaizer Zulu

Zambia’s problems can not be fixed by removing Kaizer Zulu


By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

As the over 17 million Zambians wake up this morning, around 10.5 million of these are poised to make it through this day on just one meal; and these are the lucky ones because another close to 500,000 are not even guaranteed a single meal today.

Today alone, $2,411.27 is expected to be stolen under the PF regime; as has been the case since the PF took the mantle of power in 2011. This is how we know that an aggregate of over $10 billion has been stolen under the watch of the PF, principally by PF political actors and their business associates.

Today alone, families must find a way of bridging the K110 per day increase in the basic food basket since 2011; in an environment where real wages have been regressing at a rate of 3.2% per annum while real inflation on every basic food item has been surging by an average 14% – 16% per annum.

The removal of Kaizer Zulu will not recover the close to $2 billion worth of Mukula revenue estimated to have been stolen by the #MukulaCartel since 2012, nor will it recover the close to $30 million stolen in the Firetenders scam. And in case you have not noticed, ZAFFICO IPO prospectus information have revealed that ZAFFICO managed to buy Fire Trucks for a whole $900,000 less, for around $100,000 PF government sanctioned the purchase of one Fire truck at $1 million each.

As we speak, a number of cooperating partners have suspended millions of dollars per annum worth of life-saving support to areas of health, education and social protection because of grand theft and corruption by PF government officials and their subordinate actors.

Today, the PF have allowed ordinary Zambians to pay a heavy premium at the pump for fuel so that PF government officials and their friends can get paid. These are the people controlling major components of the fuel procurement and distribution cycle.

The $7 billion economic SABOTAGE under the PF thanks to a loadshedding which should have been avoided cannot and will not be fixed by the removal of Mr. Kaizer Zulu. The people who have made millions of money in kickbacks in respect of the award of never ending hydroelectric power contracts are in government and are PF officials.

Now, I can understand why people celebrated the removal of Kaizer from his position. Mr. Zulu had become the ultimate symbol of thuggery and impunity at the very highest level of government. But the sobering truth is that KZ was only ever the face of state capture. The real state capture has not gone anywhere.

And while President Edgar Lungu may wish to portray the facade that he has turned the corner and prepared to crack the whip for the right and correct reasons, he still has Jean Kapata serving; an individual whose name has for several years now been associated with several millions of dollars unaccounted for in Mukula revenues. The President still has Stardy Mwale who received K1.6 million to build a Maternity Annex at Kabushi clinic in 2014 and do date, the facility has not been completed not has it been handed over.

The President is still principal supervisor of a political party that has been receiving dirty money in kickbacks for influencing the award of public contracts.

The truth is, Kaizer Zulu has not been removed for the collective good and benefit of Zambians.

Kaizer Zulu has been removed for political expediency, a move aimed at sanitizing the name of a ruling cartel gone rogue.

The problems highlighted above cannot be resolved without a substantive change of government.

Corruption and criminality under the PF is an institutional thing which cannot be gotten rid of by the removal of only any one single individual.

So, thank you Your Excellency for pawning one of your lieutenants. Zambians will not take the bait.

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