Zambians should also demonstrate against mediocre government

Dullness, not being peaceful is why Zambians are not on the streets demanding better governance and improved living conditions
Egyptians, Tunisians, and Libyans all enjoy better living conditions than Zambians by far. Yet, these freedom fighters are demanding more. They refuse to be abused. They know that there countries can give them more. They refuse to be given less than they deserve.
You can not compare the good life in Egypt with the artificial poverty in Zambia. Life expectancy in Egypt is above 70. In Zambia it’s less than 50. Quality education in Egypt is free up to University. In Zambia you have to pay to sit on the floor because there are no desks.
And there are no teachers because they died of AIDS, a manageable disease because some corrupt government officials and civil servants looted the money meant for health.
And when you complete school, there is no job for you. If you get a job, the conditions of service are pathetic and likely to have a foreigner as supervisor.
Yet Egypt is a desert. The life of that nation depends on one river Nile.
Zambia is a country endowed with natural resources. You can grow almost any crop in Zambia. Rivers with pure not salt water crisscross each other. The weather is perfect. We have all the good minerals. We have some of the most attractive scenes for tourism. Yet Zambia is one of the poorest countries on earth. From our minerals, the only thing we get is the reputation that we are Africa’s biggest copper producer. So what? Or that we have the biggest open pit mine. Yet the minerals go to benefit other countries. In the end we shall remain with an empty open pit. The land will be wasted and won’t be useful for anything else.
Yet, Zambian sit on their behinds complaining hoping Jesus Christ will come and give them good governance and better living conditions.
Why is unemployment so high in Zambia when agriculture alone can create millions of jobs?
Why is it that the auditor general tells us every year that billions of money has been stolen and we do nothing? We marvel at the huge figures but do nothing and just go home grumbling.
How long shall we complain about political manipulation but do nothing? When shall we have a good constitution that we can all rely on? A constitution that gives us our full rights, our economic and civil rights, is that too much to ask for?
How long shall we be ruled by the same old thieves who have been milking the country from 1964?
Is it really true that as Zambians we can not stand up and demand better lives? Are we not able to make the thieves running our affairs to go?
There is a every reason for Zambian to be on the streets right now.
Look at the infrastructure in Zambia. Look at what we call the capital city Lusaka. That place is not fit for human habitation.
Cairo road, which is the main street in Zambia is just about 500 meters long and punctuated by old, poorly designed buildings. The drainage is so bad that if 15 men stood along Cairo road and start urinating at once, chances are that the drainage will be blocked.
The main International Airport inn Lusaka is an embarrassment. Five metres from the boarding gates you found potholes.
But we have all the resources we need. We have more resources than most countries in Europe. Yet we beg for handouts from Europe.
The problem of course is political leadership. They are unable to provide direction for the country. They are just there to fill their pockets. Today there are more poor Zambians living in squalor than 20 years ago. Yet, our political leaders live in luxury.
We chased Kenneth Kaunda in 1991. We can do it again. We led Southern Africa to democratise that time. We can lead the way for economic emancipation.
Are you on board? Send this to your mates. Tell them that demonstrating is a human right. Let us set a date to tell those we put in power to give us better living conditions. October 24 would have been ideal. But it is too far. Let us chose a date which is close.

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