Zambia’s Talia hooks Angolan Big Brother Housemate

Zambia’s Talia hooks Angolan Big Brother Housemate

Almost a month of the Big Brother Africa StarGame has passed and the couples who came in as sisters, brothers or lovers have developed new romantic liaisons.

Love is definitely in the air in the Downville house, where the non-celebrity housemates stay.

But can the romances survive the separation that is caused by random nominations and evictions?

Angolan pair Seydou and Esperanca, who came in as friends, seem to be drifting apart since Seydou is on “cloud nine” with Zambia’s Talia, and the new pair are seemingly inseparable.

Tamara seems to disapprove of her sister Talia’s relationship with Seydou.

When her lover was booked for eviction, Talia broke down and uttered a series of slurs directed at Esperanca for pulling the plug on her man like this.

During her Diary session, Talia, who was still in tears, told Big Brother how unfair and selfish Esperanca is. “She’s just weak and can’t stand by herself on her own two feet,” Talia added.

Ghanian lovebirds Keitta and Mildred have been in a relationship for a year and came in as a pair, but anxiety has risen as they face possible eviction this week.

The couple described their relationship as “complicated with lots of differences, but fun”.

Mildred in a chat told Biggie her concerns about her relationship.

“I can feel a level of distance between Keitta and I. He is not giving me attention,” she said sadly.

Botswana couple Edith and Eve, who are sisters, are also up for possible eviction.

Kenya’s Malonza, who found love with Edith, is upset that his girlfriend is up for eviction.

Already in the Downville house an intimate relationship that formed within two weeks of the show – between Namibia’s Jessica and Liberia’s Luke – came to an untimely end – just as they were getting to enjoy each other’s company.

Luke said in an interview with the Sowetan that he would wait for his beloved Jessica.

“I will wait for Jessica and I miss her already,” evicted Luke said recently.

So far nine out of the 35 housemates have been evicted.

The remaining 26 housemates are still playing the game with the hope of winning $300,




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