Zambia’s trade with Angola weak-ambassador

Commercial exchange across the Angola/Zambia border is weak, functioning thus in a sporadic and individual way, says the Zambian ambassador to Angola, Marina Makolokota.

In an interview to ANGOP, she said that the commercial interchange is made difficult by the non existence of a road network across the border, capable of facilitating the move of goods to both sides.

The ambassador said that there are already some Zambian citizens in Lwena City, in the eastern Moxico Province, trying to study the feasibility of the Angolan market in this region.

The diplomat also reminded the importance of Angola’s Benguela Railways Company (CFB) in promoting commercial exchanges between the two countries, saying that the stoppage of this communication means has had negative effects in the materialisation of this desire.

The ambassador also expressed the interest of Zambia in importing oil from the neighbouring state, taking into account the shortage of this product in her country.

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