Zambia complaint against Sudan now before Fifa disciplinary committee

The protest by Zambia over the eligibility or otherwise of a Sudanese player in their world cup qualifying defeat earlier this month has been referred to the Fifa disciplinary committee.

Pursuant to earlier statement released earlier today, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has further announced that it had been notified by the world soccer governing body, FIFA that they are forwarding the mater to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee. FIFA’s response to FAZ comes in the wake of the ended week’s correspondence between Football House and FIFA House.

In the FAZ correspondence to Zurich last week, they had requested FIFA to review the June 2 FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 qualifier match Sudan vs. Zambia with specific reference to the Sudanese player Saif Ali Eldin Adris.

They had also been looking at the relevant documentation and materials relating to the game, the player in review as well as the rules and regulations governing the 2014 Qualifiers.

Sudan is yet to respond to the allegations

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