Zamim Chingola lies in ruins

Zamim Chingola lies in ruins

IMG-20140828-00095Dear Editor,
Please post for me and withhold my identity as I expose what goes on at Zambia Institute of Management(ZAMIM) Chingola campus.

In the 80s & 90s this school had produced well known accounts and other professionals who can attest to the kind of education they
The school was run by ZCCM back then but now we are told govt has come in.Between 2011-2014 the school has drastically gone down since the
current head of campus took over a Mr. Mukanaka.Its a sad development that you would find certain programs not having any students in a
semester and those which have the number doesn’t exceed 8.

We are meant to pay large sums of money which we don’t get any value for.Tuition fees go up as high as K3,700 depending on the number of courses one is taking.The library can’t be accessed because all you would find are outdated books some dating as far back as 1992.Those who have done
professional programs would agree with me that books are updated yearly if not every semester. The staff is underpaid making them resorting to offering IMG-20140828-00105private tuitions where they give their best since they earn more from that.Even our head of campus is busy
offering private tuitions in the evening using the school premises. You will find after having paid for the courses one intends to sit for each exam session,no one comes to teach you.As am writing now these are the rough figures of the students currently studying there now:
•ZICA technician -4IMG-20140828-00096
•ZICA licentiate -0
•Business Management cert-4
Not only do we record a high number of students not returning at the
beginning of every semester but also a high turnover of lecturers who
leave in search of greener pastures.To make sure they continue
exploiting students,the lectures who leave are constantly being replaced by unqualified and untrained ones(imagine a mere accountant and a librarian suddenly becoming lecturers).
Let’s get to infrastructure,if you visited the school now it leaves so much to be desired.Imagine paying K2,400 for accommodation which is
just pocketed away since most basic necessities can’t be accessed.

You will find dysfunctional showers,toilets and urinals which can’t be repaired because the school has no money(where does the money we pay
go to).The school once bought stoves in the designated kitchens which as usual are not functional.You will also find certain individuals
staying in school minus paying anything whilst some of us are busy being chased around for paying in instalments(do we have a functioning management,I wonder). 

Lastly but not the least, am sure most of you must have read about a new health institution in Chingola which the govt recently termed to be illegal in one of the national papers. Most of the students of this so called health institute under some NGO and run by a certain named lady are accommodated at ZAMIM of which not even a single penny was paid. Am sure someone in management must have been given something to shut them up.Why should I be made to pay K2400 whilst someone is accommodated for free.

Please expose this great mismanagement at this institution before the once great institution is closed down.We are celebrating our golden
jubilee this year and yet we have institutions like these.Attached are the pictures I managed to take.
Thank You,
Concerned student.IMG-20140828-00081IMG-20140828-00096

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