Zampost board ‘suspends’ directors

Zampost board ‘suspends’ directors


The board of Zambia Postal Services Corporation (Zampost) says it has temporarily suspended Post Master General McPherson Chanda and three other directors but for less than six moths.

Chanda was already fired by president Edgar Lungu yesterday. How do you suspend someone who has been fired already ?

The three other directors suspended temporarily are Best Mwauchi financial director, Isaac Kamwimba, the operations director and Moses Musonda, the assistant operating director.

The Zampost board says the temporary suspensions are meant to facilitate investigations in the social cash thefts.

The two top bosses at Zampost have been replaced by wako ni wako.

And this board itself has no moral right to suspend any one. They are part of the rot. If they did not participate in looting donor money, then they are incompetent fools who could not detect the theft but were getting sitting allowances. Were they not reading the financial statements during board meetings? Surely even a grade 9 failure can detect where K44 million is missing. The entire Zampost system needs to be overhauled.

See the shameless tribalism in the middle of corruption

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