Zampost workers not paid for one year


We, the former staff, wish to state our disappointment at the failure by Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST) Management to adhere to the provisions contained in the Employment Act.
As separated staff, we have gone for more than 11 months now without receiving our salary arrears since the payroll has been behind at ZAMPOST, some salary accruals date as far back as October 2018, and this is the money we worked for and rendered full service to the Corporation. Kindly note serving staff at ZAMPOST have been paid salary arrears up to February 2019. Meanwhile separated staff have not been paid because they been left out of the payroll. Non-payment of salary accruals is largely due to the unilateral decision that management took to remove separated (former) employees from the payroll which has been behind at ZAMPOST and this is contrary to the provisions contained in the current Constitution of Zambia. The concerned staff have made several attempts to engage management to chart the way forward in an amicable manner but management have been adamant to do so. One wonders in whose interests they have been doing so!
Salaries have now accrued to the level where a lot of separated staff have now been left with no option but to seek legal redress which will be detrimental and costly to the operations and will bring about negative image of the Corporation. It is very disheartening to note that management has taken a deliberate approach to try and manipulate the legal process to prolong settlement of the matter at the expense of bloated legal cost to the corporation.
We have heard that current management including the Director of Finance have been drawing monthly allowances and that they are up to date with the payments and yet they are reluctant to pay us, the separated staff.
In view of the above, we are appealing to the Board of Directors at ZAMPOST to quickly intervene in this matter. Finally, we urge government, through the Minister of Transport and Communication to take keen interest on the happenings at ZAMPOST and provide the necessary guidance to management before further damage is done to the Corporation.

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