ZAMPOST workers protest as PF police arrest 6

Six ZAMPOST workers have been picked up by police after they staged a protest at their office in Lusaka expressing their grievances against management, reports the PF controlled ZNBC.
The workers who carried placards and chanted slogans against what they termed meagre retrenchment packages and some salary deductions were bundled in police vans by officers from Lusaka Central Police who called the protest illegal.
Earlier, Lemmy Kapandula, a Post Officer, said the workers were protesting because some workers who were retrenched were given about 10 percent of what was due to them.
Mr. Kapandula adds that workers are also aggrieved that management started deducting 500 kwacha from all the over 1000 workers salaries across the country without their consent.
He has also complained of the company’s plan to place all workers on contracts from permanent employment arguing that this will see their salaries reduce to K1,700 each from around K4,500
And Michael Mwale another Post Officer at ZAMPOST said the Post Master General has been bragging in the Newspaper that the company has made huge profits when workers have not benefited.
He said workers have not had a salary increment in about 4 years adding that workers now get their salaries on the 8th of the next month against the agreement of the 21st of every month.
But when contacted for comment ZAMPOST Area Manager for Lusaka Henry Zimba said the protest was illegal as the union has been engaged on various matters by management.
Mr. Zimba also stated that workers who have been retrenched have been given their dues in full.
And on those that have been picked by police, Mr. Zimba said the Post Office is a Public place and no one is entitled to protest anyhow.
He has stated that operations have not been affected as some workers have been mobilized on the counters.
Meanwhile National Union of Communication Workers ZAMPOST Vice Chairperson Scrivener Peleka said he was shocked to learn of the protest which he says had no blessing from the union.
A union official who spoke on condition of anonymity however said Peleka was representing himself and further stated that ZAMPOST workers who are getting K5, 000 per month will now be getting between K1, 500 to K2, 500 under the new contracts.

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