Zamtel cadre management cause internet failure

The recently nationalised Zamtel Limited, now in the hands of Patriotic Front(PF) cadres, has started experiencing technical failures resulting in clients failing to access internet services today.

Zamtel, which was grabbed by President Michael Sata’s government, is currently chaired by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, and run by Mupanga Mwanakatwe, whose record of service at former Telecel and Celtel (forerunners of MTN and Airtel, respectively) was not very distinguished.

Zamtel, as an Internet Service Provider, today failed to explain to clients what had gone wrong with the system, but kept asking them to call back after every 30 minutes.

Chairman of Zamtel Kabimba is himself subject of a story on this site, where disgruntled fellow members of the PF have alleged that he went to Lebanon recently to collect money which was a kickback related to the awarding of a fuel importation contract to commodity trading company Trafigura.

Some observers have said Zamtel ‘s problems could also be related to growing inefficiency of the new Zesco management, which has seen worsening loadshedding and other blackouts.

Two days ago, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport was plunged in darkness, forcing arriving passengers to go through the airport with great difficulty, as their luggage was processed manually and security searches of passengers were done physically.

The Pf campaigned heavily using Zesco loadshedding against the former ruling party, but the practice has worsened since last year and is costing small businesses millions of kwacha daily.

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